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Making money from home

How to make money on the Internet? That is the question I asked myself for more than 2 years … and finally, it is the training that gave me the answer because I am financially independent today at 200%!

At the time, my financial situation was always very fair. I had a stable job with a good salary, but I hardly have anything in the bank. I could have saved if I tried, but I could not. I loved to shop, have beautiful handbags, beautiful bracelets, and beautiful dresses! I could never control myself to a nice article, regardless of price. Sometimes (often even!) I arrived even to the point of borrowing money my friends to buy something that I liked. I knew it turned to obsession, and he had to find a solution to make money quickly.

Yes, the solution was to earn money easily (and yes, it was possible that more streamline my addiction to shopping) but the thing is I did not have this option, and that’s how I found myself searching … I started to search the internet, ask my friends if they knew about good deals, I even posted on forums or as aufeminin Kioskea. The question was simple, but not his answer. The forums to make money, some laughed at me and said “this is not possible,” “you dream, you will not succeed forever! “. But I’m not likely to discourage me; so I continued trying to seek other sites.

Each time, he had to try one of the links found in rather popular sites. They were the kinds of jobs we were doing at home, few hours before the pc. I started to try the most popular links, but I was not satisfied. The few I have visited do not trust me inspired. I was going to give up looking when one of these sites posted a necessary training for the work that had serious air, the site was.

This was the only site that offered something like that, and it showed that the work was based on something reliable at least. When we thought about it … how was it possible to make money without ANY information or knowledge?

I started immediately to follow e-learning which was proposed by the trainer Laurent MASSA. The training was not long, only 11 minutes. It may seem still long, but it was exciting and above all it was worth. After reviewing again the e-training, I started without hesitation!

As I did not want to make any mistakes, I launched myself little by little, and when I was not sure I was doing nothing. After 15 minutes, I was already in favor of 76, and I completely hallucinating! I had formed a “pay day” in 15 minutes! And I continued. ; 1 hour later, I was at 249 profit! I stopped there for the day ..