Investing With Confidence

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I write crime fiction, regularly, and I am very thinking about dishonesty. There’s major crimes, including rape and murder, and minor crimes, like car theft and house burglaries. But the most entertaining crime is The Confidence Trick. How is it possible, I often wonder, for mature, educated visitors to be conned, and conned so easily? And repeatedly. And often.

Salvage liquidation is a very common practice particularly for companies using a customer return policy. Customer return policy means that if the customer isn’t satisfied with the performance or look in the item, they might return them towards the store and get their money back. Salvage liquidation involves inspecting these products to check whether some of their parts can still be used. For instance, if your company receives their electronic goods back, they might reassemble and take parts that are functioning well to work with of their other products as well … Read the rest